Head Office

It is our aim to maintain the quality of operations and of our organisation by maintaining and executing an active Quality Management System (QMS). We do this by:

  • Having a documented QMS
  • Having a documented Quality Policy
  • Conducting regular process audits, reviews and implementing improvement measures
  • Ensuring that all members of the senior management team take responsibility for quality within their remit
  • Communicating clearly the changes within the QMS to all members of office staff


As part of maintaining safe and efficient operations, we apply rigorous Quality Control measures on all mine clearance and canine service operations. These include:

  • Executing projects in line with Dynasafe MineTech Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and country specific National Technical Standards and Guidelines (NTSGs)
  • Checking at least 10% of areas cleared by each deminer daily
  • Conducting regular internal reviews on operations to ensure adhere to required standards
  • Conducting regular management field visits to ensure adherence to required standards