History of MineTech

History of MineTech

1989 – Inception – Mineclear

Remote site medical and safety company Exploration Logistics became one of the first private companies to be involved in mine action in the international arena under the brand ‘Mineclear’.

1999 – Mineclear Gaining Oil and Gas Experience

Over the next 10 years, Mineclear conducted UXO and mine clearance in countries such as Laos, Kuwait, Libya, Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo and Venezuela, all on behalf of geophysical contractors.

1999 – Mine-Tech of Zimbabwe

During the same period, ‘Mine-Tech’ of Zimbabwe was created using former members of the military. By the end of the 1990s, Mine-Tech was successful in winning contracts with the UN in places such as the Balkans, Nicaragua and Sri Lanka.

2001 – Merger of Mineclear and Mine-Tech = MineTech International

Both companies grew in size, expertise and reputation and worked together on several projects over the years. The natural synergy of the two companies led to a merger, which created MineTech International as a part of Exploration Logistics.

2004 – Expanding into Canine Services

In addition to mine clearance services, MineTech had been offering canine services since 1997, however in 2004 MineTech developed its service offering even further and won its first major security dog contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2007 – Winning First Major Integrated Humanitarian Contract

MineTech was successful in winning its first major integrated contract for the UN in Sudan. In addition, it continued to specialise in conducting mine clearance on behalf of the Oil and Gas industry.

2012 – Purchased by Dynasafe Area Clearance Group

MineTech became a part of the Dynasafe Area Clearance Group (DACG), a world-leading supplier of global UXO clearance and demining services, based in Germany.

2015 – MineTech changed its name to Dynasafe MineTech

From 3 August 2015 as part of its continued integration into the Dynasafe Group, MineTech International Limited changed its name to Dynasafe MineTech Limited.