Our values

Our reputation is built on the solid foundation of our experience and is reinforced by the way we execute our other corporate values of consistency, listening and adaptability.


We pride ourselves on the breadth of the company’s experience and that of our specialist head office team. As such, we base all of our operational concepts on experience, not research. We apply what works. We reinforce this value by only using experienced EOD contractors with proven technical and project management skills.


We aim to be consistent across all elements of planning, bidding, resourcing, pricing and implementing a project. This consistency applies regardless of the complexity or simplicity of a project. By doing this, we ensure that we give clients consistent and accurate information while working with us.


It is important to listen to our clients and find out what they really need. By doing this, we avoid assumptions and actually give our clients a solution to their problem in the best way that suits them. We also listen to our field staff so that we can provide them with the best support and advice on personal and operational issues during deployment.


We will not provide a client with a standard solution; we will aim always to adapt our service and approach to suit the specific needs of an individual client, their industry and the environment. By doing this, we will meet the client’s objectives in the most efficient, cost-effective and safest way possible. We can also apply our proven methods to new and challenging projects with confidence.

To find out more about us and how we can help you, please phone +44 1594 368077.