We have been working in Iraq since 2008 as a fully licensed and accredited entity with a regional office in Erbil to support operations.

We have a thorough understanding of the contamination threat posing companies working in such areas as Sindi Amedi, Shaikan, Harir and Safen, Ain Sifini, Dinarta, Shakrok and Rovi-Sarta.

Previous and current projects have seen us survey 130km of cross country seismic line and trails, provide EOD Consultants to conduct scouting tasks, Non-technical, Technical Surveys and mine clearance and BAC teams to conduct clearance ahead of exploration teams.

In addition we are also providing Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams to enhance the security of oil and gas operations. Our teams are deployed ready to integrate into the existing security capacity of our clients, bolstering their security operations to deter against the possible threat of explosions. Our EDD teams are currently supporting our clients by searching vehicles, baggage and people passing through entry control points on various facilities.

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