BAC – Battle Area Clearance – technique used to clear an area not suspected to contain landmines.

Desktop Survey – ERW information remotely gathered on an area and presented in a report.

EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal – the process by which hazardous explosive devices such as munitions and/or artillery are rendered safe. This can only be carried out by those qualified and/or trained to EOD Level 3/4.

ERW – Explosive Remnants of War – term used to describe explosive devices such as landmines improvised explosive devices, and ordnance.

IED – Improvised Explosive Device – explosive device adapted to operate in a way for which it was not originally designed.

IMAS – International Mine Action Standards – the standards which govern all United Nations’ mine action operations and are accepted as the global standards for commercial operations.

Intrusive Clearance – clearance using metal detectors followed by excavation.

Landmine – an explosive charge hidden beneath the surface of the ground designed to be detonated by pressure or movement. Can be Anti-Personnel or Anti-Tank mines.

Mine Action – programmes which address problems of ERW, including removing and destroying ERW, providing risk education and medical assistance, advocating for a world free from the threat of ERW and helping countries to destroy their stockpiles of landmines.

Non-technical Survey – collecting and analyzing information gathered on site without physical intervention, including talking to local people, visiting hospitals and visiting the site of operation. Its purpose is to confirm whether an area contains hazardous explosive items or not.

NTSGs – National Technical Standards and Guidelines – country specific guidelines for the procedures which govern mine action conducted by national and international organizations.

Ordnance – artillery or munitions used by the military or rebel forces.

Sub-surface Search BAC – part of BAC technique which uses metal detectors.

Surface Search BAC – part of BAC technique which uses visual search.

Suspected Hazardous Areas – an area suspected of having mines/ERW.

Technical Survey – a detailed collection and analysis of data on site using detailed intervention with clearance or verification assets to confirm the presence of ERW and/or boundaries of minefields.

UXO – Unexploded Ordnance – explosive weapons that did not explode on impact and as such are an explosive hazard