Do you own all of the equipment used on projects?
We have a supply of technical kit stored at our warehouse in the UK and within our main countries of operation. However, we supplement this kit with newly purchased items which we import on a contract basis. Our largest owned equipment includes 3 MineWolf 370 systems and 2 MineWolf 240 systems.

Do you have trained personnel?
We have a core pool of highly experienced and trained expatriate management staff, which includes former members of the military, EOD Level 3 and 4 personnel, experienced logistical staff, quality management staff and former Police Dog Handlers. We also have pools of trained deminers and support staff in our main countries of operation.

Are you accredited by IMAS?
IMAS are standards in force on all United Nations mine action operations and the standards adhered to by many international mine action organisations, including MineTech. IMAS is not an accreditation body. However, our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which govern our ways of working, the technical methods used, quality assurance and health and safety measures have all been written in line with IMAS. We also adhere to in-country National Technical Standards and Guidelines (NTSGs) and client requirements.