Dynasafe Sponsor Paralympic Hopeful

 Dynasafe Group are proud to announce that we are now sponsoring Paralympic hopeful Andy Barlow. In 2003-2005 Andy served in a sub-unit under the command of Dynasafe MineTech’s own Operational Support Manager, then Major Lloyd Comer, during operations in Northern Ireland.

Originally from Lancashire, Andy was later serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 2006 when he took part in a patrol in Kajaki, Helmand. A series of explosions alerted the foot patrol to the fact they had walked into an unmarked Soviet minefield from the 1980s.

Andy was one of several soldiers to risk their lives assisting the wounded, volunteering to repeatedly cross the minefield to help others before he stood on a landmine which blew off his foot.

“I didn’t hear the blast but felt the ground move below me…Not knowing what damage was done, I looked down and saw the top of my boot still tied round my leg but my foot was gone…

Tug, the medic, had swallowed the blast, puncturing both his lungs. Despite his injuries he was shouting “put a tourniquet on your leg,” so I ripped my shirt and tied it off as tight as I could. I carried on talking to Stu and Mark and injected myself with all of my morphine. This was a bad situation to find out I had a rare immunity to the affect of the drug!”

In 2010 Andy was awarded the George Medal for gallantry and the incident was later commemorated in the award winning film Kajaki.

Just one year after losing his leg, Andy joined the Armed Forces Para Snowsport Team. In 2012 he won a gold medal in the British Disabled Skiing Category before embarking on an international racing career.

Since his accident, Andy has also learnt to sail and now trains others as well as competing in professional sailing competitions. However in the coming year his primary focus is his forthcoming competition in the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

As a gifted motivational speaker, Andy will be sharing his story at Dynasafe events as well as helping to promote the Dynasafe Group.

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