MineTech Recognises April 4 2015 – International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

This year’s theme, ‘More Than Mines’, highlights the growing rate of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks, and the millions of innocent victims directly and indirectly effected by the aftermath of conflict.

MineTech has spent the last 26 years removing Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) throughout 49 countries. We have supported humanitarian projects and economic development in regions of ongoing conflict and post conflict.

Our work reaches far beyond the removal of landmines and we would like to use this opportunity to reflect on a snap shot of the achievements we have made and the people we have supported over recent years.

South Sudan

Mine Risk Education

Since 2007, MineTech Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) have delivered Mine Risk Education to over 127,000 beneficiaries.


UXO Disposal 

We have also located and destroyed 5,885 UXOs in South Sudan.

LLMD following up machine wide shot


 Capacity Building

To benefit the community in which we are removing landmines in South Sudan, MineTech built, and in 2015 donated, a public community research building to Rajaf Payam. The community looks forward to using this space to carry out a range of activities some of which will be centered around Mine Risk Education.

Community Research Building


Western SaharaNew Technology

We are proud to be leading the way forward using pioneering Ground Penetrating Radar Technology to detect Landmines and UXOs in Western Sahara.



Democratic Republic of Congo 

UXO Spot Tasks and Small Arms Destruction 

In 2014 we located and destroyed 523 UXOs and 337 Small Arms Ammunitions.



Throughout the Middle East and Africa

Explosive Detection Dogs

We have provided Explosive Detection Dogs to bolster security at airports, embassies, commercial facilities and in Internal Displaced Person (IDP) camps.





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